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Snake Fortune in Overall Luck:. Fortune in Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. Depressed working environment, learn to get well along with leaders. Unexpected financial losses, avoid risky investments. Love and Relationships. Snake's Luck by Month Born in Rank in 12 Zodiacs. Earn a little; avoid risky investment and gambling. Hi, I'm a snake born in My luck has been pretty bad throughout Hi, the good news is that your overall luck will change into a much better stage in You should keep the positive attitude towards these things.

Don't worry. Thank you. I hope to resume my work and be happy as i was before. Your answer has given me strength. But i still love him. Although your love compatibility index will be high, you are suggested to start a new life. Actually you have enough charming personalities. I have so many obsessive compulsive dissorders. Honestly it sucks have this confidenCe when in public, then flip side feeling an anxious overwhelming feeling of social anxiety its horrible.

Virgo Snake Woman in Family and Marriage

Jessica Female Virgo Metal Snake. Ian Apparently I am compatible with a virgo snake, being an aries dragon, but I cant say ive ever met one to know if we would hit it off. Hala As a virgo snake i've met a dragon aries they seem verrry well put together but the trick is always about who confesses first. We are some of the rarest human beings!

Virgo Snake Traits

Find me on fb Miriam Garcia. Thomas Why do you think its rare? Dont you think?

Jam How do other Virgo snakes handle worry and anxiety? I am one as well. Mm I knew someone exactly as this. I'm scorpio pig and i like that person cast away in my life. So fussy,so critical and always worrying about here and there,perfectionist and gives stress,two faced too and keep bitching about other people's lives.

I just really wondered why people could tolerate with her its probably just that they couldn't have the fight to do so considering she is just too smart. Chells I think it's so divine being a Virgo snake! The irony of Eve!

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It doesn't signify female sexuality particularly but sexuality as a whole. Innocent yet all knowing with an eagerness to continue to learn. I feel like we are a bit sensitive and perhaps even empathic. I was born on am on a full moon. Wonder what that means? I feel we can be overly critical and anxious when feeling other people's energies if we are not aware that we are receptive to them. Many of us are in the medical field and are philanthropic by nature.

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I find myself to be very caring but deathly afraid of Gavin children due to the persuit of perfection and fear of failure. Is laziness and self doubt a trait as well?

Year of the Snake

Zan Virgo fire snake man. Innocent yet all knowing is a wonderful way of putting it. That empathic logical shrewd intelligence has allowed me to be a professional poker player for many years. Plot and plan but do not stress, you will overcome many if not all obstacles, the stress is just all that information and perspective and the worry of if you are making the right choice If you are not and are in a stressful relation job or a bad spot in life change or it will consume you.

Learn not to be so harsh on yourself and others. Charge yourself with positive energy do not waste your time with negative thoughts. I quite like the more refined version of me still with young skin and features weaving through life with a certain grace and purity. Stop being so lazy time is ticking!!!

Chika Who else is 2nd sep? Miri Me! Chika Ooooohmy gosh no way! Both Chika and 2 sep virgistake what the!? Are you me? Or is this my comment iforgkt about? Chris Bernie Sanders signs! The Snake is the enigmatic seducer, charming your senses by their irrestitable beauty and inborn wisdom.

Graceful and softspoken with excellent manners, most people are hopelessly in love with the snake. On the opposing side, once the Snake has found her partner in life she becomes jealous and possessive over him… EVEN if he no longer loves her. He is determined to follow through with anything she undertakes getting his suitor to the bitter end even if it means lying and deceiving to get what she wants. This is a favorable year for the Snake.

If you belong to this zodiac sign , use a Chi Lin to help you in your career, the Mandarin Ducks statues to have a successful love life and essential oils to protect your health. The best crystals for you are malachite and jasper.

Do not take things for granted even though situation seems normal and routine. Think twice and avoid making hasty decisions. Also, for some of you, the birth of a child will mark the realization of the most beautiful of projects. This idyllic ambience will have every chance of lasting for a long time.

Year of the Snake: Love Compatibility, Horoscope, Personality - Chinese Zodiac Sign

Spend on things that are most important or necessary, otherwise one will end up living in debt again. Otherwise both parties will suffer the consequence. There are other things, one could do to help besides caring and worrying.