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The closer the conjunction is, the more this transformation is true. Because two powers join like this, the result is a heightened force in the horoscope that has to be considered. In some cases, there can be three or more points joined in a conjunction.

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Then it really gets important - and even more difficult to interpret. Origin The origin of the astrological significance of the conjunction is quite obvious: When two planets in the sky seem to meet although they are actually still very far apart , this is a dramatic event to the eye, so its occurrence must have given awe to astrologers of old. And what else than a blending of forces could be fathomed?

Like two fires reaching each other, or two ingredients mixed in a bowl.

What Does “Aspect” Even Mean In Astrology?

Keywords The number of possible combinations is to great for a listing of keywords to how all the conjunctions should be described. But you are probably helped by considering the keyword for each involved point or planet, and contemplating what kind of meaning these words form when combined.

Also the Ascendant and Medium Coeli are kind of neutral, mainly just absorbing the conjunct planet's traits - although in the particular field of life that they govern. But the other planets transform into "new" planets when they join in a conjunction. For example, the moon's longing combined with Mercury's curiosity forms a power that can be described as attraction , an interest that almost becomes an obsession.

Conjunction Aspect Meaning in Astrology

Venus' affection combined with the aggression of Mars is the joining of opposites sort of meant for each other that is the essence of sexuality , just like the child of the gods Venus and Mars is Amor. And so on. The same method applies to a conjunction of three or more planets: consider the keywords and what might describe their mix. So, the moon, Venus, and Mars, mentioned above, combine longing with affection and aggression. That is urge or obsession , being so occupied by inner needs that they can hardly ever be satisfied.

Of course, the position of the conjunction in the Zodiac and the House system needs to be considered, as well. Also other aspects to other planets.

Observe that the Ascendant and Medium Coeli cannot form an exact conjunction, and it is very unlikely that they even come close - except for latitudes close to the poles of the Earth. Native conjunctions Conjunctions in a birth chart never change. They show characteristics that you are born with and will keep all through your life.

Pay attention to what Houses they are in. That shows in what area of your life the conjunctions mostly express themselves.

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Also, consider how long the conjunction lasted in the sky, at the time of your birth: Some come and go very quickly, so they are quite personal, whereas others those of the outer planets remain for years, so they are shared by a whole generation. Transit conjunctions Transit conjunctions are those formed by the planets up in the sky to the points in your complete horoscope chart.

For example, every year the sun returns to the spot where it was when you were born - that's called the solar return , and it's your astrological birthday. The semi-sextile, sextile, trine and conjunction are said to be good or favorable whereas the square, opposition and quincunx are taken to be not favorable.

Aspects are the vital factors in the formation of ones character.

Conjunction Aspects in the Complete Horoscope - Your Inner Powers Merging

The Conjunction - The conjunction is formed when two planets are at approximately the same degree of the same sign or at an orb of not more than 8 degrees. In a conjunction, the energies of the two planets are combined, and the result is often a strengthening of both. Connjuction of Lords of 1, 4, 7 and 10th houses produces good effects. Conjunction of the trine Lords 5th and 9th houses are always good irrespective of their location.

A Moon-Venus conjunction is beneficial whereas a Saturn- Mars conjunction is said to be stressful. The Semi-Sextile - This aspect is formed when two planets are 30 degrees apart with an orb of two degrees in either direction.

Saturn — the god of time and structure

This aspect is reckoned to be mildly favorable with the planets working well together. The Sextile - Sextiles occur when two planets are approximately 60 degrees apart.

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This is the aspect of opportunity. It is the 3rd and the 11th house Hindu aspect. Initiatives can be taken during this aspect and it reinforces the weak points in life. It is a very beign aspect indicative of talent, confidence and popularity. The Square - Squares occur when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart.

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It is the 4th and the 10th house Hindu aspect. Square causes the friction and the hurdles that help us to grow and become productive. This is the most critical amd conflicting aspect.